Young kids and families will really enjoy Kids and Prayer. The host is Br. Mickey McGrath and he really understands how to talk to kids and explain prayer in a way that they will understand. He makes the Bible and prayer entertaining and fun. The DVD is divided into four sections: What is prayer? Why do we pray? How do we pray? and Where do we pray?

Kids and Prayer DVD Cover

Each section follows a similar formula. There are children speaking their own voices on the topic, a field trip to a location that ties into the question, a Bible story, and a prayer. Using other children in the video makes it more real for kids. Children will often listen with more enthusiasm to someone their own age.

The field trip section consists of a lighthouse, a vineyard, a monastery, and a football stadium. There is an interview with the workers and it is then tied in with the Bible. They demonstrate how God and prayer can be part of their everyday living. It shows children that prayer is everywhere and can be done anytime that they need help.

The Bible stories are animated with colorful titles and scriptures. They are kid-friendly and bring the Bible to life. Stories bring the reader in by showing them that the Bible is still very much alive today and Jesus is a part of their lives.

A prayer such as the Our Father, Hail Mary, or Guardian Angel prayer ends each section. By tying in an actual prayer , Brother Mickey portrays exactly how prayer can be used in each instance that is described. The interviews with children and on-site employees are very interesting and engaging. My family and I really enjoyed the whole DVD. I loved the layout and easy-to-follow formula which made it simple enough for a preschooler to comprehend.

Kids and Prayer is a great DVD for a young family or a religious education class.

How would you describe prayer for a child? Do you model your faith through your own prayers?

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