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Today's Gospel: John 14, 7-14

"If you know Me, you know the Father." Sometimes we might have difficulty in putting a personality or a face to the Creator of the Universe. If we read the Old Testament we might think God's justice is too swife in striking down the enemies of his chosen people. If we look up at the ceiling of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel, the Father is shown as powerful and stern, whith a white beard and pointed finger (perhaps reaching out to us). A beautiful stained glass window in my church depicts God in a red robe with a crown on his head and sitting on the throne of judgement. On the front of our podium is a relief sculpture of The Eye of God.

"Seeing the Father" might be difficult for some of us who carry memories of an imperfect human father, but let us rejoice! Our Lord Jesus tells us that He and the Father are one. This statement allows us to put a different face on the Father. Jesus tells us the Father is like him so we can assume He has the attributes we treasure in Jesus, a God who would lay down his life for us.

"Ask anything in my name and your prayers will be glorified in heaven," Jesus our intercessor tells us.
If we want to know about the Father who loves us, Jesus left us a whole New Testament of "love letters."


The next time I cross myself in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, can I pause and reflect on the beauty of our triune God?


Lord Jesus, I love you. Thank you for showing me that you and the Father are one.


Copyright 2016 Patricia Karwatowicz

Patricia Karwatowicz has been a catechist for over twenty years at her local parish. A wife and grandmother, she has written six faith-based children's picture books. A middle grade book with a strong Catholic presence will be released soon.