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I would describe Christian spirituality as an ever changing, evolving, maturing, openness to God’s work through your life in all ways. It is easy to say religion is all about the institution, the rules, the hierarchy and the culture. It’s convenient to say that Theology is the academic study of God. It’s cliché to say either you have faith or you don’t. It is difficult to define one’s prayer life but some can and others have none.

But spirituality? That is something all-encompassing. It is one’s experience intertwined with religion, culture, years of learning from the Bible and religious education, it’s prayers; both root and creative. It is at the core of who we are as humans. It is the way that our souls are able to breath and not be smothered by each component but instead only when united becomes alive and filled with joy.

Christian spirituality is our internal pulse that is pursuing God in all places. It is enveloped in quiet, intrigued by music, awakened by new ideas, comforted by a familiar tradition, uplifted by the transcendent, drawn to all that is beautiful, wholesome, and pure, wanting and desperately seeking the presence of God, in tension between this world and the Kingdom of God, open to feel all emotions, and experience the mystical and much more. Christian spirituality is a journey of a lifetime that leads to a deeper understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ, guided by the Holy Spirit, and caressed by the heart of God.

That’s how I would personally describe Christian Spirituality. How would you describe Christian Spirituality in your own words?

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