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Today's Gospel: John 15, 18-21

Christ said this strong message to us in order to recall that our path should not be faced as a simple task, but as a burdensome role to be played with hope and belief.

The comparison between slave and master is relevant to show that we shall not expect to get consensus and approval from everyone when acting according to God's will, since Jesus himself suffered due to our sins.

Our goal should be to continue to walk in the right path, showing the enthusiasm that comes from Jesus and reflecting his peace.


Are you prepared to be hated by another person due to your belief? Are you prepared to be a peaceful and wise person in this situation, as Jesus was during his passion?


Lord, please make us more resilient to overcome any hard moment, especially in connection with our faith and our enthusiasm to be a dedicated Catholic.


Copyright 2016 Gustavo F Coelho

I am a Brazilian lawyer, happily married with one baby boy. I live in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where we are members of our local parish and of the Schoenstatt Movement.