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Today's Gospel: Mark 12, 1-12

Whenever I hear the gospel of the tenant farmers and the vineyard, I think:

What kind of an idiot would think they would inherit the vineyard by beating up the owner’s servants and killing his son? Who would think they would get away with that, much less be rewarded for it? He wasn’t taking the whole vineyard back, just asking for some of the produce! How hard can it be?

And I pat myself on the back for being in the second wave of tenants.

I’ve heard the stories of the first-wavers. Some of their blood was spilled on the very ground I now till. The son they killed is memorialized not far from the vineyard.

And yet, when someone cuts me off in traffic, I beat them with a honk and a glare rather than giving them a sample of the fruit of self-control. When one of my children spills their milk yet again because they were dancing at the table instead of sitting (who can eat like that?!), I regale them with a lecture instead of a taste of the fruit of gentleness. And when my husband comes home from a frustrating day of work, I tell him about my tough day instead of offering a cup full of the fruit of love.

The Farmer sends His servants to ask me for samples all the time.

How hard can it be?


Who is asking me to share the fruits of the spirit with them today? If something is holding me back, what is it?


Savior who turns water to wine to blood to life, help me to freely share your generosity with all who need it.


Copyright 2016 Marybeth Bishop

Marybeth lives in Annapolis with her husband and 5 children.