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“Who Says You Can’t Be A Saint ” by the Bosco Boys

The Bosco Boys are made up of Brothers Steve DeMaio and Steve Eguino, who are currently in formation studying towards becoming Catholic priests with the Salesians of Don Bosco. Both avid music lovers and sporting the collar, the Brothers convey how a life dedicated to Christ is not only a path of joy but an incredibly attractive path. They directly combat the secular portrayal of the Church as outdated by turning the hip hop genre into a powerful vehicle for spreading the Gospel.

Their video "Who Says You Can't Be A Saint" promotes the idea that we all have our own purpose to fulfill in this life, but every one of us is called to be a Saint. You don't have to do big extraordinary things in order to be a Saint. It's in the small things of everyday living of Faith, Hope, Love and Mercy where we strive for Sainthood.  A Saint is a sinner who never gives up. Don't let the world hold you back from your true calling from God!

Who says you can't be a Saint?

The Bosco Boys performs regularly in the "Array of Hope" concert series bringing faith hope and love to young people and their families.

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About the Author: Lauren Costabile is a Catholic speaker, singer and film creator. As a performer in the Array of Hope Concert Event, she actively spreads the gospel to young people and families through music. Lauren speaks about of how God has worked so powerfully in her life in hopes that it inspires others and draws them closer to God's love. She strives to use her gifts and talents to make our world a brighter place.