SJBAhighschoolersAccording to the Catechism of the Catholic Church “parents are the principal and first educators of their children” (CCC 1653). As such, we have the responsibility of choosing a school or style of education that supports our family and educational goals. For some, the public school system works just fine, or they can afford private schools; for others, educating their children at home is the best option. For others still, none of these options is satisfactory as evidenced by the growing movement around the country of hybrid education which combines the best qualities of private and home schooling.

I taught my six children at home for eighteen years on my own. The older four all attended expensive, private Catholic high schools. Tired of the cost, in dollars and family time, we recently switched to a hybrid school for the youngest two called St. John Bosco Academy.

SJBA has classes taught by certified teachers every Tuesday and Thursday for students from PreK to grade 11. The first 12th grade class will begin in August! High schoolers also have classes Friday, and the other days of the week are spent at home doing homework. This system allows families more time together, and the children receive an excellent education at one-third of the cost of private schools. Not only that, but SJBA is thoroughly Catholic and intensely focused on helping families raise children grounded in the faith.

We lease space at a small Christian school, but between our growth and theirs, there isn't room for all of us. When we started, they had 40 students and we had 54---it was a win-win situation! Now, their enrollment has grown and ours has also increased to 240. They don't need us anymore.  It is imperative that we locate a new space and move in August 2015. Fortunately, God has placed a suitable property within reach!

The prospective property is within a quarter mile of the current location and meets all our needs at a great price. Despite diligent fundraising efforts in the past and living within our means, we do not have all the funds necessary for the downpayment. We must raise $870,000 by September 2! To that end, we have begun a Causevox crowd-funding campaign at With our current enrollment, we will have no trouble making mortgage payments. With a permanent home, we will be able to double the number of children and families we serve by filling a Monday/Wednesday session for another 250 children, a total of 500!

We are working hard to help families who don’t want to send their children to public school, families who can’t afford the high cost of private schools, and families who don’t feel equal to the task of homeschooling on their own. We are called to help them raise their children with a strong Catholic faith and rebuild the culture of our country. Please watch our video and help us change the culture with your donation.

St. John Bosco Academy from SJBA on Vimeo.

Sara Boyle lives in the Atlanta area and is the mother of 6 mostly grown children. Not looking forward to having only 2 left at home, she cherishes the St. John Bosco Academy community. You can find her blog at