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This summer, I'm teaming with up with mom of twins and recent convert Amanda Torres to venture into new digital territory. In a first time for both for us, we'll be administering a book club on Facebook to delve into Divine Mercy for Moms, by fellow Ave Maria Press authors Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet. The discussions will begin on July 9 and end on August 20. We would love for you to kick back and join in the summer-long fun of growing in faith with like-minded moms!

Divine Mercy for Moms is the perfect way to learn why so many people are devoted to the 20th century Polish nun and visionary, St. Faustina Kowalska, who brought the Divine Mercy image and chaplet to the world. As it says in the book's description on Amazon: "With heartwarming stories and practical advice, this book reveals that mercy is not just a gift to be received in the confessional but a spiritual resource that strengthens those who extend themselves in word, deed, and prayer. Designed for personal or group study, Divine Mercy for Moms celebrates the infinite mercy of God and the role of Mary, the Mother of Mercy, in the lives of all believers."

Daily Reflections

Author Michele Faehnle has graciously agreed to take part in the party, hosting a daily series of mini-reflections from the book. Each mini-reflection starts with a quotation from St. Faustina's famous diary where she recorded her deep inner relationship with Jesus as well as the messages that Jesus revealed privately to her. This mini-reflection from Day 6 really speaks to me!

Day 6 -- Love of God

"I burn with the desire to love Him ever more and more." (525)

How can you deepen your desire to love Christ more? What can you do to keep your eyes fixed on him and not yourself?

Share your answers to these questions on the daily Facebook thread and watch how it helps you to clarify your thoughts, become more accountable, and make greater spiritual progress!

Weekly Discussions

We'll keep the pace slow and aim at reading one chapter per week. Every Saturday, co-admin Amanda and I will moderate discussions based on the chapter of the week. On our start date of July 9 we'll begin by chatting about the introduction.

The Saturday discussions will be based on the Divine Mercy for Moms study guide (included at the end of the book). The study guide has a series of chapter-by-chapter questions to help focus our thoughts and motivate us to practice the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Amanda and I will prime the conversational pump, telling you our answers and encouraging you to chime in with your own reactions.

The Facebook group is "closed," which means that members of the group are the only ones who can see the comments you write. So no worries about too-personal musings showing up in the newsfeed of friends and relatives!

How to Join the Fun

The Facebook group is called (simply enough) Divine for Mercy for Moms Online Book Club. Just click here and submit a request to join the group. Or, you can send me a Facebook friend request here, then message me and I'll add you. Last but not least, you can email me at santoskaree at gmail dot com if you have questions or need help. Looking forward to great conversations and closer friendships with you this summer!

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