Editor's Note: Today we kick off a new feature at CatholicMom.com, Praise Moments! We'll be sharing some of our favorite praise music as well as music news from contributors and friends of CatholicMom.com. Look for a new song each Saturday at noon Pacific!

CM Praise Moments

This week's Praise Moment is courtesy of Chris Stepien, whose guest article "Should I Shave My Head or Write a Book?" was published at CatholicMom.com on July 13. Mr. Stepien suggested that we share a song that could inspire youth. "With the World Youth Day pilgrimage coming up, the song about the boy Messiah's pilgrimage could be a good theme for young people headed to Krakow," he observes. The song "The Boy Messiah" is the theme song for Mr. Stepien's novel, Three Days: the Search for the Boy Messiah.


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