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Have you ever wanted to study orthodox Catholic theology, but could never afford it?

Problem solved.

The Dominican Institute is the long-awaited online learning platform that connects today’s leading theologians and philosophers to those who desire to learn about the Catholic faith. Apart from being the most inexpensive way to grow in your knowledge of Christ and His Church, our professors have earned their Masters in their subject discipline and some have even earned their Ph. D. To add, all instruction is 100% loyal to the magisterium of the Catholic Church.

The best part? Our courses cost less than 10% of what you would pay at a regular Catholic College or University. At the Dominican Institute, you get the same spiritual guidance from mentor professors, the same academic rigor and the same spiritual enlightenment that you would receive anywhere else for one thousand dollars less per course. That means you could take 10 courses for the amount one course would cost anywhere else!

Wait, it gets better.

In honor of launch week, we’re running a massive inaugural giveaway that includes

A FREE seat for each course

Fulton J. Sheen library and DVD

A free eBook titled Digital Missionary: How to Evangelize in the Digital World.

Click here to check it out.

There is no registration fee nor prerequisite requirements to take courses. All are welcome.

Courses have been vetted by the Diocese of Grand Rapids, MI and the Sacred Heart Institute. We’d love to partner with your diocese and ministries to help ensure that all members are formed and built up both spiritually and academically to preach the Gospel with even greater zeal.

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