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"Ice Dragon" movie (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of Fathom Events. All rights reserved. Used with permission.[/caption] Coming to theaters March 24 and 26: Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies, an animated Christian movie for the whole family. Melody, a gifted young dreamer and her feisty friend Leif, must set aside their differences and use the power of magical Blue Daisies and an ancient Song to save their world from an evil Ice Dragon. When the blue flowers that once bloomed all around her village begin to disappear, Melody and her eccentric grandfather recognize this as a sign of great danger … but no one believes them! Racing against time, Melody must convince Leif and the other villagers before it’s too late. Great songs and engaging characters highlight this inspiring animated adventure for the whole family. Learn more about this movie in our Q&A with writer and director Bruce Stacey. Bruce Stacey, writer and director of Ice Dragon.[/caption] Q – Tell us how you first came up with the Idea for the Ice Dragon movie? That’s a great question. Ice Dragon actually began as a short story that I wrote for my children 25 years ago during a time I was visiting Russia. I was there as part of a humanitarian team helping the needs of Russian orphans living in what was then, Leningrad. Communism was coming to an end across Europe and I wanted to explain the changing world to my young children. The original story was called Blue Daisies in the Summer of a Winter. It told the story of a people that lived in a peaceful mountain village where magical blue daisies bloomed in the hills. The daisies were a sign and a promise for the people who daily sang a song, “thanking God for the earth, the sea, the sky and the blue daisies”. One day a bitter storm swept into the village, plunging their world into endless winter. In time, the people lost hope and forgot the song that had once brought them such peace and joy. When the people are dying and all seems lost, it is a small child who remembers the song and begins to sing in the midst of the storm. One by one, the people remember the song and with the child, their voices form a powerful chorus that defeats the evil storm. The short story sat in my drawer for over 20 years until I was encouraged to develop it into a film a few years ago. To my surprise, it will release on close to 800 screens across North America on March 24!   Q- Can you talk a bit about your passions? You’ve created successful media brands for children, such as the popular GodRocks!™ franchise and now you’re launching the movie Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daises. Why do you remained focused and committed to faith-based children’s content? Communicating Bible-based truth to children is important and strategic for the Church. Research shows us that there is a narrow window of time available to place foundational truths into the hearts and minds of our kids. Children 5-12 years old need to know that God loves them! If we miss this important window, statistics show us that the vast majority will never become believers later in life. On a personal note, I have seven wonderful grandchildren and I’m aware of the kind of content and messaging impacting them every day on screens large and small. Stories of faith, hope and love are important for us to share.  Nothing brings me more joy then seeing a child’s face light up with delight, discovery and wonder when experiencing a story, rich in eternal truth. Jesus, the greatest teacher-story-teller who ever lived most often taught about His Father’s kingdom using parables. He would speak to a mixed audience (of believers and non-believers) in large gatherings and chose this method to effectively communicate. It’s exciting to think of the mixed audience of families that go to the movies. What a wonderful opportunity to entertain and inspire with a parable-adventure, full of faith, hope and love! Q-  Why do you think there is so little Christian content available for kids? High quality, commercially available kid’s content is often driven by large brands, interested in merchandising and profit. Producing faith-based content for kids is challenging because of the high cost of quality production, the lack of experienced producers dedicated to the cause and the limited availability of media platforms that support the content. In my mind, the heroes of the local church are most often the dedicated children’s pastors and workers who tirelessly work to introduce kids to the God who loves them. It was the famous evangelist, Dwight L Moody, who said, “If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.” I think he was right! Q- What do you hope for when Ice Dragon releases in theaters? The opportunity for families to share a fun and yet meaningful spiritual experience at the movie theatre doesn’t happen very often… and this is largely what I hope for. The adventure, comedy and music in Ice Dragon are all part of the experience, but I love that there is more beneath the surface to discover.  "Ice Dragon" movie (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of Fathom Events. All rights reserved. Used with permission.[/caption] Q- What are some of the questions kids might have after watching Ice Dragon, and how can adults help answer them? Ice Dragon is basically the story of two believers living in a world of unbelievers. Melody and her grandfather know the truth about the Ice Dragon and the source of power and beauty in the Song that can defeat it… but no one believes them! What’s going to happen? Can the words and promises in an ancient book hold any power or meaning for their world? Where does hope come from? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out! The parable of the Ice Dragon asks all of these questions and answers them in a way that kids can understand. We’ve also created some great family resources to help parents and kids unpack the story when they get home. A free Family Activity guide with coloring sheets, online lyric videos for the Ice Dragon songs, and other fun resources are all available at IceDragonMovie.com.   Q – Final question. What’s next for you after Ice Dragon? Well for starters, there is more of the Ice Dragon story to tell! Even though the movie has a very satisfying ending, there are other mysteries to solve and some intriguing questions about key character in the story, yet to be revealed. I’ve imagined Ice Dragon as a trilogy, so we’ll have to wait and see if this can happen! I also have a few other tales in that old story-drawer of mine, just waiting to be brought to life. Thanks for asking! "Ice Dragon" movie (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of Fathom Events. All rights reserved. Used with permission.[/caption] ICE DRAGON – Legend of the Blue Daisies will be in theatres nation-wide March 24 and 26. Visit IceDragonMovie.com for theatre locations and times, ticket information and more, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!  
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