During the week of August 29th, 6 of the over 80 contributors visited A Seeking Heart with Allison Gingras (on Breadbox Media) to chat about the newest in the Catholicmom.com book collection - The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion - available now from Ave Maria Press. Joining host (and #PrayerCompanion co-author) Allison Gingras on Tuesday was co-editor and co-author Lisa Hendey, followed on Wednesday and Thursday by Jeff Young, Sarah Damm, Colleen Duggan and Roxane Salonen.

catholic moms prayer companion

Listen to Our Enlightening and Light-hearted Conversations:

Highlights from Our Discussions:

  • The gift of a brand new day - and 80+ authors to help us step into (or end with) each day!
  • A #PrayerCompanion that you can open as often or as infrequently as your busy schedule will allow - no matter the quantity of visits - each will surely be a blessing whatever your current stage of life!
  • Lisa Hendey shares how the challenges where really overwhelming blessings of bringing a daily reflection book to light! Don't miss her invitation to be your prayer warrior!
  • Each guest shared how they find time for prayer - and some of their favorite ways to encounter the Lord during those times! So many options - such encouragement for people with busy lives!!
  • St Joseph - and the epitome of the strong silent type (Allison's idea of a perfect mate!)
  • We contemplate if there should be special food for the Catholic Super Bowl - Saint Canonizations!
  • Jeff Young shares his remarkable private and personal encounter with Bl. Mother Teresa!
  • The amazing characteristics of the widow on the Gospels who shows us PERSEVERANCE in prayer!
  • Seeds of Faith -- how our family's plant them; probably most often without ever realizing it!
  • Lectio Divina - so glad Colleen Duggan shared this with us. Here's a fabulous explanation from the USCCB.
  • Retiring the To-Do List ... the Spirit is obviously trying to tell us something this week about planning (or overplanning) and the blessing of seeking His Will!
  • Prayer Time at the Family Zoo ... anyone who has tried to pray with kids will LOVE this.
  • Roxane Salonen shares the touching last moments with her father.
  • National Cousin's Day --  THERE is such a thing; but what does that have to do with praying?

Be inspired - read some of The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion reflections right here on Catholicmom.com

Order The Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion: Ave Maria Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or your local Catholic Bookstore.  Authors’ websites: Lisa M. Hendey, Sarah A. Reinhard, CatholicMom.com

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