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Today's Gospel: Luke 9, 7-9

In honour of J.R.R Tolkien’s world, this day is known as Hobbit Day – to celebrate the birthdays of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins: two unsuspecting, small and generally vulnerable characters that completely changed their whole world. We hear Herod in today’s Gospel echoing a question I’m sure Sauron (the bad one) was asking about those hobbits, too:

“Who then is this about whom I hear such things?”

Herod was confused. People were saying Jesus is John, raised up; he is Elijah; he is a prophet of old. Who, then, is he? The first reading reminds us that under the sun, there is nothing new. And yet, and yet, God has done something amazing for which there is no precedence.

What a twist God provides – more epic that Tolkien’s unsuspecting characters provide. It is right that Herod asks, ‘Who then is this?’ It is also right for us to ask this question too – Jesus, who are you? I often take Jesus for granted – yes, sure, he is in the vulnerable, the weak, the unassuming of society…and then I continue on with life. But am I really recognising Jesus? When I shift my eyes away from the person who looks destitute on the street, when I reduce the dignity of my child in order to maintain my Authority – I have failed to seek that answer.

And yet Jesus is waiting for me. As a broken humanity we embody that weakness, that vulnerability. It was in this state that Christ came down into us and redeemed us. We are weak, but in that weakness is the strength of God, and the question should be about us: “Who then is this about whom I hear such things?”


Where do I feel weakest in my life? How might God be calling me to embrace that weakness for his glory?


Jesus, we ask that you help us recognise that it is our weakness and vulnerability that open us up, allowing you to fill us up and bring glory to your name.


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Jane Korvemaker loves food, family, wine, and God (perhaps not in that order). She holds a Certificate in Culinary Arts, which pairs perfectly with her Bachelor in Theology. A former Coordinator of Youth Ministry, she writes from the beautiful and cold province of Saskatchewan, Canada. She works from home and takes care of her three very hard-working children. Jane regularly blogs at www.ajk2.ca.