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I am studying about holiness and the whole you: the integrated self. Holy means dedicated to God. You don't have to be a priest, brother, monk, or nun to be holy. One just has to be dedicated to God to be holy. Most people believe their relationship with God is just one part of self. We have so many aspects that create who we are in life: our careers, our standing in the community, whose daughter or sister we are, if we are a parent, a volunteer, an introvert, an extrovert, straight-A student, loudmouth, fun person, and the list goes on. One description cannot describe the whole you.

If we are to integrate self, we have to know self-better. Self-reflection can be painful. Who wants to review the not so appealing factors we try to hide? This side is sometimes referred to as the "shadow" of self. If we don't acknowledge our weaknesses, how can we ever transform them to strengthen us? Many people fear that if others see the imperfections they will be rejected. What we don't realize is that most people have already seen elements of our shadow and they still choose to befriend us anyway. Everyone has flaws, we are human. In order to integrate ourselves entirely we must know all parts of who we are accept them, then change what we can change and continue to grow. The only way the darkest parts of the shadow will remain is if they are never brought into the light.

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Today, think about what makes your shadow. Reflect on how dedicated you are to God and all the light that shines through your life. Allow God to guide and encourage your self-exploration of acceptance and growth. Only then can you start to become an integrated person. Remember you will never reach fulfillment until one day you meet God in the afterlife. This life is about understanding, learning, and growing into an ever changing whole you.
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