"Jon Stemkoski’s Celebrant Singers begin their 40th consecutive year of ministry!" (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of Celebrant Singers. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

From midtown Manhattan to the turbulent streets of Tehran, Monte Carlo to the slums of Calcutta, Miami to war-torn Northern Ireland, over 8 million people have gathered to hear Celebrant Singers message of hope and encouragement.

It was in Poland in 1975, while ministering in that country’s largest Catholic cathedrals, that Jon Stemkoski heard the call of God in a new way. “Take the life-changing message of Christ throughout the world…where My light is dim and My voice is heard small.” In response to this call, Jon founded Celebrant Singers – a talented, dedicated team of Spirit-filled young adults – to share their vision for ministry in the Church and on the mission fields of our world.

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One of the nation’s premier music and missions organizations, to date over 3,200 Celebrant alumni have ministered to more than 8 million people in all 50 States and 100 additional countries – including more than 6,000 Roman Catholic parishes in the United States and countless more worldwide.

Celebrants’ headquarters have remained in Visalia since its inception, and Jon is proud of his local, hometown roots. “The Valley community has embraced Celebrants as their own. We’re proud to represent Central California wherever we go, whether it’s across the states or around the world.”

Jon continued, “We are so grateful for the tremendous support we’ve received—and continue to receive—from our friends and family here in the Valley. This ministry would not be where it is today if it weren’t for the prayers, encouragement and generosity of these folks at home.

Celebrant Singers music is powerful, worshipful and inspirational for the entire family. You’ll enjoy the sweet spirit of worship and praise, the inspiring personal testimonies, and contemporary gospel songs. You’ll love the genuine warmth and special ministry of all the Celebrants, but most of all, you’ll receive Christ’s love which they share so freely with all who hear them.


To follow Jon Stemkoski’s Celebrant Singers as they journey across America and overseas throughout their 40th year, visit www.celebrants.org.


Sunday, October 30, 3PM Concert
St. Patrick’s Church
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