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Today's Gospel: Luke 13, 22-30

Have you ever had a friend you thought you were closer to than you actually were? Someone you’re friends with on Facebook, see every so often, or met at a retreat once? Then, after some time, you bump into them again and they don’t remember your name or the amazing retreat you were both at? It gets really awkward, really quick!

This parable makes me think about my relationship with God. Will he remember me when I come into His Kingdom?

Our busy lives can make it difficult for us to spend time with the Lord. Having the discipline to make time for God can be tough.

It’s easy to claim membership into the amazing community and cloud of witnesses that is the Church. Sometimes, however, we have to check if our actions are consistent with image of ourselves that we are sending out into the world.

If we are truly living the life we claim, we should be spending our time on the things that match up to it. Every so often, I take account of what I am spending my time on. If my time with God is only a sliver on the pie chart, I have some rearranging to do!

You see, our time is entrusted to us, we are not entitled to it. Time is scarce. We don’t have a lot of it. Let’s use this gift from God to foster our relationship with him.

When the time comes to be united with God at the end of our lives, wouldn't it be better to experience a familiar embrace like that of two friends who spoke earlier that day, than an awkward “bump into” moment after not seeing him for a while?

“I do not know where you are from”.

That would just be the worst.


If I were to pass away today, would Jesus recognize me?


Lord, please grant us the grace to unceasingly pursue a deeper relationship with you, no matter how busy our lives get. Jesus, remember me when I come into your Kingdom. Amen


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Lance Rosen is a husband, father, writer, speaker, and currently a university student in Alberta, Canada pursuing a B.Ed / B.Mgt. He is the founder of The Silversmith Collective - A Catholic New Media Collective Answering the Call of the New Evangelization.