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Today's Gospel: Luke 19, 1-10

I'm often very judgmental when I think of other people acting in a way I feel is unchristian, yet go to church every week. But in church we learn that God loves us all the same.

In reality it is me who is like Zacchaeus when I think of some of my behavior throughout my life. In lectio divina I learned to imagine myself in the gospel passage. There are many trees in back of my house when I imagined Jesus walking there with a large crowd. I climbed one of the trees to get a better look at Jesus, someone I heard a lot of good things about from people who knew him. When he looked up and saw me he smiled and asked me to come down from the tree because he was going to come to my house. I couldn't believe what I heard. I was so honored.

But others said, her! She has not loved God as she should and has not put Him first in her life. In addition, she has not shown love or compassion for the less fortunate among us. Why would Jesus choose her to visit with?

Right then, I knelt down before this Jesus, who knew my sins and loved me anyway. I pledged the rest of my life to him. He and His Kingdom will come first in my life from now on. I decided to be of service to those in need whenever I could with Gods help. Then Jesus smiled and put his arm around me and we walked together to my place.


How would you respond if Jesus told you he was coming to your house?


Jesus, help me to welcome you into my home.


Copyright 2016 Phyllis Russo Petito