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Today's Gospel: Luke 1, 21-24

In this passage, I imagine Jesus sitting on a big rock next to a lake, surrounded by the Apostles, His simple, poor, fishermen friends. I can just see them relaxing in the warm breeze. The Apostles are no doubt reflecting on all of the amazing things that have happened since they first began following Jesus: the miracles, the Transfiguration, the realization that Jesus is the Christ, the Savior of the world.
At that moment, Jesus raises His eyes toward heaven and praises His Father for the beauty of showing the childlike – the Apostles - these simple and humble men, the great truth that Jesus is the Savior. He then turns to the disciples and tells them how blessed they are to have seen the things they have seen.
This passage reminds me that Jesus came for the small, the childlike, the humble, the poor. Many of us feel like we have to be bigger, better, richer, and smarter. Our culture is constantly bombarding us with messages that whisper the lie: “You are not enough.”

It is so good to be reminded that the world is not the judge. There is only one Judge, and His Name is Jesus. He is telling us that He loves us, even though – and especially - because we are little, poor, humble, broken, and imperfect.

Back at the lake, I imagine that I am also sitting near the feet of Jesus and He looks right at me and says: “You are enough. The little, hidden way you serve your family, is beautiful and precious to me. Don’t worry that you don’t know everything. I will always show you everything you need to know. When you are feeling unsettled, come sit with me. I love you.”


What area in my life have I been trying to control through my own strength? Can I take this area and lay it, in surrender, at the feet of Jesus?


Lord Jesus, help me to see that you love me because I am small. Help me to remember to do every little thing through Your strength, not my own.


Copyright 2016 Elisa Armstrong

Elisa is a Catholic convert and homeschooling mama who lives in Minnesota with her husband and their four boys. She enjoys sharing her creative and natural lifestyle through her thoughts and photos on her blog: at Elisa Loves.