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Earlier this year, I wrote about my love of TED Talks. Not only do I assign them regularly to my students to deepen their knowledge of the topics we're covering, but I also enjoy watching them just for fun. One of my favorite talks, however, fits both categories. It's one I assigned to my students, and have since watched repeatedly myself: Shawn Achor's TED Talk on happiness.

Achor is a psychology researcher pursuing not just happiness, but the study of happiness as well. Dedicated to spreading the joy that he seems to come by quite honestly (although he reveals that's not the case in one of his videos), he and his colleagues/team have created a website called GoodThinkInc.

gt-logo-lo is a mix of self-promotion, self-help and information. You can watch Achor in action with Oprah or Live! with Kelly and Michael or read an article from publications like Success, Redbook and the Harvard Business Review. Although research underlies all of the articles, they're quick, practical reads.

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More of a visual learner? You can sign up to take an e-class, or just click away on the site's videos. You can even join their mailing list to get an infusion of happiness information direct to your inbox.

Whether you're looking for ideas on improving your work life, your daily life or just life in general, might just have the strategy you need.

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