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Advent is a season of prayer. Yes, it is certainly a season of work. Those valleys aren't going to fill themselves. Neither are those mountains in any hurry to make themselves low. But it seems, as much as we are making way for God to come into the world, we are, too, making way for God to come into our hearts. To put aside all worldly matters cluttering in on us, find some focus, and making a deeply personal space to welcome that child in.

Catholic Relief Services has been hard at it, doing the work of God in the world, serving the poor in over 100 countries for the last 75 years. But like with Mary and her blessed Magnificat, our work all begins with prayer. Please join us over the course of the Advent season in praying the prayers, sharing them among your families, your faith communities, and your online communities. Let's together make room for the coming of God among us.

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And so we pray ...


Surely There Is Still a Song

A prayer of finding in Advent a season of hope in the midst of darkness. Download as a PDF.


something-in-me-wants-to-be-born-in-winter-thumbSomething in Me Wants to Be Born in Winter

No, we are, none of us, Mary. But still we sense the seed of of something wonderful yearning to be born within us.  May our love give it life. Download prayer as a PDF.


in-the-shadow-as-well-as-light-thumbIn Shadow as Well as Light

An Advent prayer that as winter days lengthen, we will find hope in the light that Christ brings, that we will be have the grace to testify to His light. Download prayer as a PDF.


When Every Night Is Winterwhen-every-night-is-winter-thumb

A prayer that we will have the grace to know the Lord in His coming, and recognize him in the most vulnerable of his people. Download as a PDF.


there-is-a-light-in-this-world-thumbThere Is a Light in the World

A prayer of testimony, that as Jesus showed, and we can show every day, God's light can and does shine in this world, even in the darkest times in the darkest places. Download as a PDF.


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