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As we mark the transforming season of Christmas, many gather with their faith communities, many gather with their families, many seek to commune with the Lord themselves in a special way, joined only by the saints who gather with in us in spirit in our adoration.

We give great thanks for the birth of the Lord, into our world, into our lives, in all the broken-ness and messiness that that implies.  Born of the Father before all ages, the Lord, in His love for us, has become born into time.

We at Catholic Relief Services wish you great joy in this season, and invite you, your ministries, and all Christians gathering to join us in prayer—at your Christmas tables, at your Christmas liturgies, as you exchange gifts, and throughout the season—that this season may bring us peace, that this season may make us peacemakers.

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Gracious Lord, Child of Bethlehemgracious-lord-child-of-bethlehem

A prayer that Christ’s birth will remind us of our solidarity with refugees and all people on the margins of society.

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Lord Protect the Childlord-protect-the-child-thumb

A prayer for the protection of children everywhere.

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When Every Night Is Winter

A prayer that we will show hospitality to all people who, like the Holy Family, are seeking shelter on a winter’s night

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Nativity Scene Prayer

A prayer for a gathering around a nativity scene, which asks God to bless all families

A Moment for Grace

A prayer for protection for refugees—particularly those fleeing Northern Africa for Europe—as well as for personal transformation as we face the needs of refugees everywhere

There Is a Light in This World

A prayer of celebrating the coming of the Lord into this world, claiming the Christmas season to joyfully testify to that light.

That I May Find You There

A prayer based on Matthew 25:40 that we recognize God in the poor and vulnerable, like the Magi recognized Christ in the Epiphany

In Our Lifetimes Alone

A prayer that the peace and peacemaking we have glimpsed in moments during our own lifetimes will reign forever.

As the king in the song cries out, so do we cry out: "Pray for peace, people everywhere!"

Merry Christmas!

About the author: Edward Hoyt is a web producer for Catholic Relief Services, operating out of their headquarters in Baltimore. He works on the CRS Resource Center, edits online content, and contributes articles and prayers. He is a frequent contributor to CatholicMom.