Editor’s note: As we anticipate the joy of Christmas, what greater gift could we possibly give than to share the love of God with someone in need? This week, I ask you to consider giving sponsorship to Unbound as a gift to your family and loved ones. I can share firsthand how Unbound and our sponsored friends have blessed our family - I was able to witness there firsthand the amazing work being done by Unbound. I also had the unbelievable joy of meeting my own sponsored child and her family. I now know through this experience not only the blessings of Unbound sponsorship in the lives of children, but also the impact that sponsorship can have on those of us who become involved in Unbound’s mission! We’re thrilled to again be partnering with our friends at Unbound to be a part of their service to families around the world. Each month, Unbound joins us at CatholicMom.com to offer you the chance to partner tangibly with them by prayerfully considering sponsoring a child or aging friend. Lisa Hendey

Meet Rosalia!

Rosi is four years old and loves to play with dolls!

Rosalia is a beautiful four-year-old girl growing up in Bolivia. She likes to be called Rosi. She loves to play with dolls at home. She is in good health and is not attending school at this time.

Rosi lives with her father, mother and younger brothers and sisters.  Her father, Adolfo, is a currently unemployed due to an accident. Her mom, Hilda is the sole provider for the family, working as a fruit vendor. The seven family members all live together in a small adobe dwelling with a single-burner gas stove for cooking.

By sponsoring Rosi, she will begin to receive the tangible benefits such as education and nutrition. This will also provide the family to be fully integrated in a local caring community, with programs and services designed to improve their quality of life and empower them to break the cycle of poverty.

To sponsor Rosalia (or other children), just click on this link!

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