Today's Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12, Epiphany of the Lord

Today we honour three fascinating enigmas - the wise men. They must have been educated and of course wealthy enough to travel and bring gifts, but with enough childlike curiosity and manly courage to venture into the unknown, following a moving star of all things, into a foreign land. At the same time, they had enough spiritual sensitivity to listen to the inner prompting of the Holy Spirit, even though they were not Jewish. A most unusual combination of attributes.

Furthermore, these scholars had enough humility to prostrate themselves and actually worship an impoverished human newborn, in the confines of a stable full of animals and the smell of manure.

Could we conceivably envision ourselves leaving all that is safe and comfortable to trek across a barren desert in search of an elusive Truth?

Would we be open minded enough to embrace the incredible, a king laying in a stable, without question?

Would we be spiritually astute enough to even recognize the Divine in such an unusual place?

Most importantly, would we be smart enough to worship a newborn as the Creator of the Universe, disguised as a tiny, swaddled bundle of helplessness, without the benefit of authoritative teaching and tradition?

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Can we shake ourselves out of our spiritual ruts long enough to listen to the Living God who challenges us to change and grow?


Let us be open to surprises and joy, fresh revelations from God who yearns to teach us new things. Have mercy on us, o Lord,and grant us a teachable spirit.


Copyright 2017 Melanie Jean Juneau

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