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Does anyone else feel like they need a January do-over? Normally I am pencils sharpened, planner open, and ready to dive into the new year with schedules, meal planning, updated goals, and a new wave of excitement!

But then . . . the snow came.

This year, my Facebook feed was filled with mostly friends from Boise (where we live) and Portland (where we just moved from). Both cities experienced unusual bouts of snow and ice causing lots of undrivable roads and canceled days of school. Even the grocery stores couldn’t receive their deliveries so we watched as food supplies dwindled down.

Most of us were holed up in our homes with bouncy children who loved the snow on the first day but not so much after it turned into sharp icy snow.

There was no order. There was no structure.

Every day felt like a Saturday. It’s hard enough for me to cling to the full 12 days of Christmas when I feel the urge to shed all the decorations and start a new calendar year but this January has felt like the vacation that never ended.

On top of all the weather weirdness, I’m three months pregnant. This first trimester was so yucky. I was constantly sick and dizzy. If I did anything except lay flat, I felt awful. This was not a great situation for a big To-Do-List Mama like me.

My January has been a big flop.

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So I’m proposing that we get a January do-over and consider February 1st the start of the New Year! I’m going to be reworking our schedules, planning our year, and kicking off two new habits starting February 1st! If anyone wants to join me, pop over to Catholic Mom Challenge on Facebook where we will be recreating all the hype of the New Year on February 1st.

I think when God gives us an extra month to snuggle our children, drink hot chocolate, read books, and say prayers we give him a BIG THANK YOU by working extra hard as soon as this extended vacation is over!

Let’s cheer each other on! And if you happen to have had a rockin’ January already, let us help you keep up that momentum but adding some steam to your engine!

Recently, Jennifer Fulwiler celebrated a birthday and asked women to write a note to themselves as if they were ten years younger. And do you know what most of the comments said?

Trust God.

It all works out.

Don’t worry so much.

Embrace the little things.

Spend more time with your kids.

Don’t worry so much about money and jobs.

These comments, which came from women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s all echoed the same thing. Trust in the Lord.

I know that when this weird snowpocalypse of January sent my plans into a flurry, I started to worry. “We’re not getting enough school done. Maybe I should be cleaning more. I really should be walking to stay healthy by I’m afraid of slipping on the ice. I feel like I'm waiting for my life to start! Wait, what day is it?”

I allowed my fear to steal my peace. God never wants us to lose our peace.

He is with us every step of the way. He knows what you’re going through. He knows the desires of your heart. He knows the plans He has for you.

Set down your worries. Listen to the wisdom of all those Catholic women who commented on Jen’s birthday post.

Trust in the Lord.

I’m going to sink into the rest of January and cuddle my kids and play board games. We’re going to drink extra hot chocolate and maybe even do some art (because I never feel like doing art but if we’re going to be stuck inside, why not?)

Then I’m going to dive into February wearing my normal Let’s Get Down To Business hat. If you want to join me after a false start to the New Year, I’d love to have you along!

If you’ve had a crummy January, not quite accomplishing what you thought you would, feeling trapped by weather, or dealing with any other hardships, make a comment below and I’ll pray for you.

And please pray for me. There is power in Catholic women praying together. When all else fails and we have no idea what we’re even going to do tomorrow, we can always use our time today to pray.

2017 is going to be a beautiful year. I know this because God created the world and filled it with beauty. We’ve allowed a lot of that beauty to be hidden. We’ve allowed evil and darkness to hide the natural beauty of our world. But don’t worry. It will always be there.

Beauty was here first and because God created us, we always have the ability to find it. Look for the beauty in the world and share it with others.

Let’s be the light of Christ in the world -- that’s how we’re going to make 2017 a fabulous year!

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