"Lifting Upward" by Mary Lou Rosien (CatholicMom.com) Photo copyright 2013 James Chan, Freeimages.com, CC0 Public Domain

Things weren't going well. I felt like a hamster on a wheel, going faster, faster, but not getting anywhere. My mood was subdued; it matched the grey winter sky. Why?

I began examining my conscience as I prepared for Confession. As part of my process, I reviewed the last several days. I was getting up, grabbing my coffee and plunking myself in front of the news in an effort to wake up and start the day. Clearly, this wasn't giving me peace, but I continued the routine. Why?

A definition of prayer is "lifting our hearts and minds to God." What was I lifting my heart and mind to, as soon as my eyes were open? The world, with all its problems, arguments and tragedies, is the thing I was lifting the eyes of my heart up to. It wasn't to God. Why?

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If the measure of what we value is how we spend our time, then I had made a horrible error in judgement. I made a choice in that moment to lift my heart only to the one who deserves all my love! I changed my routine and my attitude changed with it. I often pray now before my feet even hit the floor, praying at least my morning offering before I make it downstairs. Then (yes, I still grab the coffee) I plunk myself into a prayer chair, away from the news or other distractions, and talk to God. I have noticed a direct correlation between the time and depth of my conversation with Jesus and the quality of the rest of my day. So I plan to continue my routine. You can clearly see why.


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