Today's Gospel: Mark 7:24-30

The Greek woman sought Jesus to cure her daughter. She was not Jewish. In this day and age she wouldn’t have ever had any type of social contact with Jesus and his followers, and yet her bold faith and unwavering trust in Jesus, along with a hearty dose of persistence, brought healing to her daughter in spite of their religious and cultural differences. As a parent, to what ends would any of us go in order to find healing for our children? The battle is real, and there is only one way to defeat the dark one. That way is Jesus.

When our youngest son was about 11 he went through a horrifying bout of night terrors and unexplainable sleep-talking actions. This was the freakiest thing I have ever experienced and the ONLY thing that brought an end to these periods was praying the Our Father over this child. Loudly. Often with holy water. After each episode and dousing the house with holy water and praying over each child, room, door and window I would collapse in bed to the “Hail Mary”. The battle was real and the persistence and trust in Christ to fight this battle for us each and every time was victorious.

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What battle are you ready to hand over to Christ today?


Lord, whatever battle we face today, let us remember to seek you first, knowing and trusting in you to strengthen us, encourage us and fight with and for us every step of the way.


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