"Positive Thinking: A Reflection on Healing" by Christina Nagy (CatholicMom.com) Via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain.

Inner healing, physical healing, forgiveness, freedom from addiction, and the cutting of soul ties. Don't these words bring up lots of fuzzy feelings? Well, although you might not doodle bubble hearts of sentiment around them, I hope  that these words do promote positive reflection.

Why? Because although our minds may not consider them often, these are topics of which our souls are very aware, recognizing the pain incurred as unresolved issues and the incredible hope, peace and healing that comes when approached well on a level of faith.

They are also issues that each of us faces, whether we are aware of it or not.

If you were to stop reading right now and look at each topic above, what would come to mind? Better yet, what would happen if you read each topic and came up with one example of healing that you may need relating to each one?

My guess is that you would probably have little difficulty in coming up with a healing that is needed in each category. We are all "beneficiaries" of the fall by our original parents, so our need for healing runs rampant through our bodies and souls. This being said, of course, we have no need to fear this great disconnect between our wounded selves and our "intended" selves.

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As God stands outside of time, He sees the truth:  our brokenness, all of our failures and our desperate need for healing. But at the very same time, He sees our perfected selves, healed and freed from all of the effects that sin has imposed on us. In other words, the Master Creator sees US  in our complete form.

There is no hiding, no running away from Divine Love. He knows.

And . . .

He LOVES. And He keeps on loving.

As we confront failure on a daily basis, perhaps the greatest failure of all is that we don't approach Divine Love enough for healing.

"Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed. Save me, and I will be saved. For you are my praise."  Jeremiah 17:14.

The Lord of Life, the Great Healer, wants us to ask Him for healing! He wants us to grow closer to our "intended" selves. As He did in the gospel of Mark, He waits daily to say this to us: "Your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering."

So, why do we hesitate? Do we think we are unworthy of healing? Do we struggle with believing that healing could even be possible?

Don't falter! Be strong and believe!

Yes, we may be beneficiaries of the fall of man, but the greater reality is that we are the inheritors of the Kingdom of Life, possessing king and queenship under the Lord of the Universe. By this very nature we are not meant to be slaves to the effects of sin, but were created for an eternal life of love, perfection and peace.

Let the Great Healer fulfill His desire. Go to Him with an expectant faith, accepting whatever healing He will ordain to you at that moment.

How exciting it is to grow closer to the person that God created us to be. In the end, our arrival to Perfection will be beautiful and beyond anything we can imagine.

Today, let us not be afraid to ask God for a healing in some capacity. And let us be prepared for all that He has to give!

Copyright 2017 Christina Nagy