Via Title: Santuário de Fátima Name: Therese C Date: 1 July 2008, 14:18:22. is a new online Catholic retail store that is offering six opportunities to win a free 30-inch statue of Our Lady of Fatima. The statue stands at 29.5 inches tall. It is hand painted and cast from marble dust resin in Spain. The crown is gold-plated and enhanced with red velvet. The crown is detachable, and the Rosary is included. The fine detail does capture the beauty of Our Lady and Her tender, maternal love. was founded by Christopher and Veronica Wendt of Steubenville, OH in 2016. They wanted to help people keep the true Faith by making quality, hand-crafted Catholic-made gifts more widely available. They have exclusive partnerships with Catholic family-based manufacturers who are owner-artisans. As Christopher put it,“2017 was rolling around, and I was thinking how quickly we were approaching May 13th, the date of the first apparition in Fatima. I felt empty-handed. That we had not done anything so far this year to publicly thank Her. So Veronica and I thought we would give six stunningly beautiful statues away so that families could pray the Rosary around Her in their homes.”

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The Wendts hope that people will be inspired by this event to re-consecrate their families to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, rediscover the First Saturday devotion, and pray the rosary as a family every night.

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To enter the drawing all you have to do is fill out your first and last name and email at this link. If you share the drawing with friends and family you get five more entry points each time they enter to win. The specific drawing dates are May 13, June 13, July 13, August 13, September 13, and October 13. All winners are picked randomly by the software, and they will be announced the following day on their Facebook page., an online store that sells quality Catholic gifts and fine art, announced its grand opening on January 16, 2017. prides itself with the quality and authenticity of their gifts. They choose the best Catholic artisans in today's market. Each gift on their online store is unique and handcrafted by the owner/artisan or someone in his/her small familyowned business. They do not sell anything mass-produced from overseas. All of their gifts are submitted to the highest standards of quality so that they can be enjoyed by families for a lifetime. All of their products are authentically Catholic. Each gift is made to help keep the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith, given to us by Jesus Christ through the Apostles. was founded by Christopher and Veronica Wendt. “In these difficult times in the Church and the World, Veronica and I started so that we could help people keep the true Faith of Christ, as passed on by the Apostles, through quality hand-crafted gifts that can be displayed in the home and other places”, says owner and CEO Christopher Wendt. “There are a few Catholic retail sites out there. What really sets us apart are two things: one, the gifts we sell are handcrafted by small faithful Catholic families - as opposed to factory made by people that don't care 2 cents about the Faith somewhere overseas; and two, a portion of the proceeds of every sale goes to a good Catholic Cause. We are taking applications for more Catholic Causes each day.”

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Christopher WendtAbout the author: Christopher Wendt lives with his wife Veronica Wendt and their nine children in Steubenville, OH. Christopher and Veronica founded so that they could help people keep the true Faith of Christ, as passed on by the Apostles, through quality hand-crafted gifts that can be displayed in the home and other places.