Today's Gospel: John 3:31-36

Imagine how far above an insect's knowledge is the knowledge of a human being. A human being is capable of rational thinking, of memory, of imagination, and of making decisions based on all these. But do we realize how infinitely far above human beings God's knowledge is? It is enough to truly boggle one's mind!

As John writes: The one who comes from heaven is above all. Maybe we don’t realize this in some of our decisions; maybe we think we know better than God. Obviously, we must think we know better because we all sin. And sin is not of God, but of the human world.

If we accept the Incarnation, and the testimony of Jesus in his life on earth, then we accept that God gave His own divinity to His Son. So, when Jesus speaks to us through scripture, God is revealing Himself to us. And God expects us to follow the light of His truth in order to have eternal life.

If we don’t follow God’s truth, His truth will inevitably follow us.

It will follow us as a still-offered grace, speaking through our guilty conscience when we think of what we might have done and didn’t do. Yet always, God gives us the chance to turn around for another try.

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Am I walking away from God’s truth, revealed to me by Jesus Christ?


Dear Lord, lead me. Help me to follow the light of your truth. And if I fail to follow, hound me until I turn around.


Copyright 2017 Kaye Hinkley

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