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As a mom, I look forward to a little pampering on Mother’s Day. Of course, I don't expect lavish gifts or for my kids to wait on me while I lounge around eating truffles. Rather, I look forward to seeing the excitement they have to give generously. Their handmade cards are filled with love, and I can see the effort they put into them. They are excited to shop for brunch ingredients and flowers with Dad. It’s sweet and enduring, and no matter what the actual gift is, no matter what we eat or how we celebrate, their joyful involvement is priceless and perfect—the real gift.

As a daughter, I am blessed to celebrate my mom on Mother’s Day, too. Picking out a card and gift and taking her out for coffee bring me joy. My guess is that she feels the same way about me as I feel about my kids. It is the thought that counts. It is the effort that matters. It is the time together that is treasured.

No matter where this Mother’s Day finds you—whether it is among a flock of little children or in the quieter state of being an empty nester, whether you are with your own mother or you are missing her deeply—all of us have a special woman in our lives who we can honor and celebrate. And that woman is Our Blessed Mother, Mary.

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As the Mother of Jesus and mother of all Christians, I can imagine Mary not wanting to make a fuss about the attention we give her. And at the same time, I can imagine her treasuring our simple efforts. And so let us leap at the chance to honor and celebrate this beautiful mother of ours. As St. Francis de Sales said, “Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.”

Here are three simple ways we can honor Mary this Mother’s Day:

1. Pray the Rosary. Take a few moments, either alone or with your family, to pray the Rosary. If it’s a nice day outside, go for a Rosary walk! If an entire Rosary seems overwhelming to you, consider praying just one decade.

“When the Holy Rosary is prayed well, it gives Jesus and Mary more glory and is more meritorious than any other prayer.” —St. Louis de Montfort

2. Bring Mary Flowers. During May (the month of Mary), it is customary to set up an extra-special space in your home to honor Our Lady. A Mary altar doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be simple but beautiful atop a fireplace mantle or bookshelf. If you don’t have a statue of Mary, a framed holy card and Rosary can adorn your altar. Get the kids or grandchildren involved by asking them to make little bouquets of flowers for the Blessed Mother. They will love doing this!

Bring flow'rs of the fairest, bring flow'rs of the rarest,
From garden and woodland and hillside and vale;
Our full hearts are swelling, our glad voices telling
The praise of the loveliest rose of the vale.

O Mary! we crown thee with blossoms today,
Queen of the Angels, Queen of the May …

Bring Flowers of the Rarest

3. Enjoy Dessert. What holiday is complete without a special treat? And the Catholic Church is very good about teaching us about the importance of fasting and feasting! While Mother’s Day might not be an official Marian feast day, she is the mother of all mothers, so let us celebrate her! And perhaps instead of “Happy Birthday,” we could sing a Marian hymn instead!

“What a joy to remember that she is our Mother! Since she loves us and knows our weakness, what have we to fear?” —St. Therese of Lisieux

How do you and your family honor and celebrate the Blessed Mother?

Three Simple Ways to Honor Mary on Mother’s Day |

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