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Recently, an RCIA student asked me if I had ever experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. I could not answer her question directly because I do not find myself engaging the Holy Spirit. Sometimes I feel that we as a Church do not give as much attention to the Spirit as we do the Father and the Son.

We celebrated Pentecost two Sundays ago, Pentecost being that day the Holy Spirit descended upon the Apostles to give them the power to preach the truth. This is the one formal day of the year that we remember the Holy Spirit. I do not know of any other feast days devoted to him.

The Holy Spirit is such a vital person of the Trinity. We acknowledge that fact in our Profession of Faith. He has been present from the beginning. We know he is “the Lord, the giver of life,” and that he “has spoken through the prophets.” And, of course, he is “adored and glorified” with the Father and the Son. If we look a little closer, we see that he worked in tandem with Jesus throughout his earthly life and ministry.

Jesus was “incarnate of the Virgin Mary” through the Holy Spirit. He was present at Jesus’ baptism and immediately afterwards led him into the desert to be tempted by the Devil. He was there leading Jesus throughout his whole ministry. Jesus also promised that he would send the Paraclete who would “bear witness” on his behalf once he returned to the Father. The Spirit would guide us in truth. He would not be teaching us any new truths but would lead us deeper into truth.

With Jesus in Heaven with the Father, the Holy Spirit is with us until the end of time. He leads us in right paths, he guides our consciences, and he reaffirms God’s covenants and Jesus’ teachings. We should acknowledge him just as much as we do the Father and the Son because he is very active in our lives and in the world. The Holy Spirit is also present in our Sacraments. We invoke him during Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist.

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So to answer the lady’s question, yes, I have experienced the power of the Holy Spirit! Whenever I get the inkling to do the right thing, when I am led in the right direction or to the truth, or when I receive the Sacraments, it is the Holy Spirit there being my Advocate. I just need to love, acknowledge, pray to, and surrender to him just as much as I do with the other persons of the Trinity.

Have you experienced the power of the Holy Spirit in your life?

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