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Serving anything in a bowl seems to be the rage these days. Some foods just taste better when it's all mixed up together, I guess. I saw this recipe on a low-carb website and decided to try it. I couldn't find edamame at my grocery store, but other than that, I followed the recipe, though really it's just a list of ingredients that you combine in a bowl. It's healthy and tasty, and it even tasted great the next day when I ate it all cold for lunch! My family enjoyed it, too, and if there are one or two ingredients that one person doesn't like, it can be easily left off.

This would be a great dish for a warm, summer Friday night.

"Tuna Guacamole Bowls" by Barbara Stein ( Copyright 2017 Barbara Stein. All rights reserved.

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Tuna Guacamole Bowls

Serves 4-6 depending on appetite (it served three adults for dinner with one serving left over at my house)

3 cups cooked rice (I used brown)
1 medium cucumber peeled and diced
1 cup frozen shelled edamame
2 carrots, peeled and shredded in matchsticks
2 (5 oz.) can light tuna packed in water
8 oz. guacamole (homemade or store bought)
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped

Cook the edamame according to package instructions. Drain and cool.

Drain the tuna.

Place about 3/4 cups warm rice in each bowl. Divide cucumber, carrots, edamame, and tuna among the bowls. Top with a spoonful of guacamole and sprinkle with cilantro.

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