Today's Gospel: Matthew 8:28-34

“What have we to do with thee, Jesus Son of God?” Do you ask yourself this question in your daily life? Maybe you are suffering from depression? Maybe you feel abandoned by God, just as St. Theresa of Calcutta did. Sometimes in this world, we feel as if we are unworthy of God’s love, or that others are unworthy. Jesus feels differently. In this modern society we have a tendency to isolate and be afraid of those who are different, those who suffer. Times have not changed, those possessed by demons in the gospel are isolated and alone. Jesus changes this for them. When they are cured they run to the town and they aren’t considered crazy or insane. They are believed and the townspeople run to Jesus. Do we run to Jesus when we feel isolated and alone? Do we run to Jesus in our depression and despair? The demons in this story acknowledge Jesus by calling him “Son of God.” They know the truth. Do we know the truth of Jesus? When we run to Jesus do we recognize his power as the Son of God? This gospel represents different parts of us as humans. Our souls are the possessed bodies. Our souls are crying out for healing, for love, and to be included in the world, to not be isolated and alone. The demons are the things that isolate us, that possess us. Greed, depression, loneliness. The townspeople that run to Jesus are us during the sacraments, running to Jesus for healing, begging him for peace, coming together as a community to beg Jesus to stay with us.

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What demons do you have for Jesus to heal?


Jesus, stay with us, heal our hurts, put our demons into the ocean of your love. We run to you and cling to you always. Amen.


Copyright 2017 Laura Nelson

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