Today's Gospel: Matthew 10:24-33 - St. Bonaventure

“What I say to you in the darkness, speak in the light.”

A friend injured me deeply. It wasn’t that she accused me of things that weren’t true, but that I felt if she really knew me, she would know that they weren’t true. The most difficult thing was that it was an issue regarding faith.

It is part of our desire as human beings to be seen, truly seen, for who we are. I have heard it said, that true intimacy could be described as “in-to-me-u-see.”

When I have been hurt by someone close to me, I ruminate about it; I run the conversation over and over again in my mind. I want to justify and defend myself. I want others to know what actually happened. I want to tell my side of the story. I want to be seen.

Today’s reading reminds us that God, our Creator and Father, always sees who we are. He knows what happens in the darkness, He will reveal it in His light. He counts the hairs on our heads and knows the joys and sorrows we carry in our hearts. He knows who acknowledges Him and who denies Him.

No human action occurs without God’s knowledge. He knows who did right and who did wrong. There is no need to shield ourselves when God already knows our defense. Think of Christ standing before Pilot. Accused, beaten, led to His death by others blaming Him of things that were not true. He did not speak out against the accusations. He knew who He was and that He was doing the will of His Father. This scripture reminds me to rest knowing that in-to-me-my God-sees.

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Do I remember that everything is seen by God? Do I worry about convincing others of my position when only God’s opinion of me matters?


Lord, when I feel alone or injured because I am not seen, help me to know that You always see me and love me. You see into me!


Copyright 2017 Mary Lou Rosien

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