"Tiny disciples" by Elizabeth Desiderato (CatholicMom.com) Via Pixabay (2013), CC0 Public Domain

I have been a volunteer teacher at the Vacation Bible School in our parish for several years. The last two years or so I have been teaching the Bible Adventures class with incoming kindergartners and first-graders. This year, I was asked to teach the incoming pre-kindergartners. Of course, I said yes--the tinier the better. They were so cute in  pink shirts; that was their assigned color.

Teaching the Bible Adventures is always wonderful; I get to share God's word and be inspired by it. This year the Bible point for them to learn and understand was that God made them and all of us for  a purpose. Even if this message seems simple, many of us don't really get it. I know I don't, or if I get it I definitely question it.

As a mom I know I do it often, especially when I think I am not doing the best that I can for my son or that the choices I've made, especially the bad ones, have caused him pain. My head gets filled with, "maybe if I had made better choices . . ." and the list goes on.

The neat thing, though, is that the week of VBS I had an "aha" moment. Regardless of the choices I have made, God chose me to be my son's mom! Wow! He could have chosen someone else, but he thought I could handle it and learn so many things from him. I know that one of the purposes for me is to be his mom, his champion, his advocate.

So now, when  I go back to read 1 Samuel 25 in my Bible, the story we studied in VBS, I am reminded that God chose and made Abigail to bring peace, and he made me to be my son's mom and to teach these tiny disciples about him. He also wanted me to remember that I have a purpose and he knows I am going to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

VBS this year was about teaching the tiny disciples they too have a purpose, no matter how tiny or old we are, and to remind me of that too.

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Maybe if you decide to read this story in the Bible it will remind you of something too.

What story do you go back to in the Bible? What is God trying to tell you or remind you of?

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