Today's Gospel: Matthew 13:44-52 - Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

What great joy there is when we finally find a precious thing that we have long been seeking. This treasure might be finding our vocation, landing the perfect job, the birth of a child, or making peace with the past. Our desire for this long-sought pearl helps us to better understand the heart of God. Made in His image and likeness, but given complete free will, we are His treasure. He longs for the return of our love just as the merchant waited to find the pearl of great price. We are that unique and precious creation that Jesus is willing to sacrifice everything for. He waits and looks for us, and welcomes us with great joy and love.

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How can you daily remind yourself of the dignity and value you have as God’s creation?


Dear Jesus, help me to see my value through Your eyes. May I treat myself, and others, as the pearl of great price we each are.


Copyright 2017 Katie Bogner

Katie Bogner is a Catholic school teacher and Director of Religious Education, as well as a reader, crafter, daughter, sister, aunt, and Godmother. She loves driving with the windows down and the radio up. Visit Katie for lots of ideas, printables, and crafts for teaching Catholic kids of all ages at her blog Look to Him and Be Radiant.

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