Today's Gospel: Matthew 17:22-27 - St. Maximilian Kolbe

Sometimes I feel like I hear Bible verses over and over again at Mass, and then other times I swear I’m hearing the verse for the first time ever. Matthew 17:27 is one of those verses that I find myself thinking, how have I missed this verse? Jesus is discussing the taxes and asks Simon to pay the bill for both of them. I just love the image of this conversation. A tax collector approaches Peter and starts asking questions about Jesus and Jesus lets Peter answer. To me it’s a glimpse of the authority of Peter. And then I almost giggle when Jesus sends Peter to find the coin in the belly of the fish. The Lord always provides for us and I enjoy watching the unexpected ways He takes care of us. Did Peter ever think he’d find a fish with a coin in its belly? And I picture Jesus saying “I got this Peter, I’ll get the bill.” It reminds me of going out to dinner with a friend and having them unexpectedly pick up the bill. I always feel so honored and grateful when this happens. Having a friend who has already thought ahead and planned to show their care for me feels like such a blessing. I need to remember that God does this for me daily. I love being on the look-out for the fun ways He spoils me. Makes me want to take up fishing as a hobby!

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What are ways that the Lord has unexpectedly provided for you recently?


Dear Jesus, please help me to always be grateful for the ways You love and care for me. Help me to find ways to serve and provide for those around me.


Copyright 2017 Courtney Vallejo

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