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"Pioneers" by Sheri Wohlfert (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2006 Aaron Barnhart via Flickr; all rights reserved[/caption]
Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled. Luke 1:45
I used to love watching shows about pioneers. I thought the whole covered-wagon, cornbread-baking, sod-busting thing was great. I sometimes daydreamed about being a pioneer woman and thought about the excitement of such a new adventure. I also thought the long skirts would be a great idea to cover up my pudgy legs. Then I became a wife and mother and realized how hard things can be even in this modern world with machines and apps for everything so I figured the whole pioneer woman gig was out of the question. Or was it? Now, one thing is for sure, I will never travel the frontier in a covered wagon, nor will I likely ever bust sod and use it for a roof -- but the whole new-adventure thing might not be such a bad idea. I got to thinking one day that maybe being a pioneer could mean something different than the prairie. Fr. Pierre de Chardin once wrote, “We are called to be pioneers; pioneers who stand on the edge of great beginnings, of unseen futures. Pioneers filled with unwarranted confidence that visions give.” Maybe I could be that kind of pioneer; I don’t think it comes with a long skirt and wide-brimmed hat, but the new-adventure part is the same. I think the key word in Fr. Pierre’s quote was vision. I can set goals or make resolutions, I can even pick a word for the year, but to have a vision is something big. I think our desire to be logical and systematic makes it difficult to be a pioneer. When you really think about it, pioneers set off on adventures that didn’t seem safe, logical or systematic at all. They really had to trust. Some of the best things in life happen with that kind of start. Look at Mary and Elizabeth … neither of them was the common candidate for motherhood. Elizabeth was too old and Mary was too young and not even married yet but they trusted, followed and radically changed the world. If we wait until everything is in order to make a new beginning, we’ll likely never get started on the journey. What is your vision? What do you see within yourself that could use a new beginning? Be a pioneer and set out to find that new place or thing. Be a pioneer for peace, patience, mercy, or trust. Blaze a trail so bold others can’t help but follow! Can you make a plan to bring the hopeful newness of life to your heart, your home, workplace, or community? Great things have to start somewhere … go ahead … YOU be the pioneer! What new beginning are you going to pioneer? Think big … think mighty … think godly ... but mostly think about the needs of others and the mercy of God. If you need someone to join your wagon train, just let me know! A Seed To Plant: Dear Lord, give me the strength to bust out of my comfortable-ness and be a pioneer of something really important to you. Blessings on your day!
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