Welcome to First Mondays with Lisa! We're sharing our thoughts on the meditations from The Catholic Mom's Desk Calendar by Lisa Hendey. "First Mondays with Lisa" by Allison Gingras (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of Word Among Us Publications. All rights reserved. Used with permission.[/caption] I remember driving home from work, seven months pregnant in the pouring rain.  Nervous about the weather and road conditions, I said a prayer for traveling mercies. Only a few minutes down the road, the car in front of me stopped without warning. Truly, by the grace of God, my car missed smashing into the other car by mere inches. As I read the quote from St. Agatha in Lisa Hendey’s The Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar, “Lord, my Creator, you have protected me since I was in the cradle,” it reminded me not only of my grown-up endangered moments but also the miraculous protections of my youth. Those experiences included my preschool self being unharmed after my dog, Weenie, dragged me down a brick staircase, can only be explained by heavenly intervention. We never did figure out what made the dog bolt down the stairs. My theory? He was probably angry or embarrassed by his ridiculous name. Can’t really blame him. Regardless of the why, I am just grateful I had the Lord’s protection. The Lord not only protects my physical being from the cradle, He watches over my spiritual well-being as well. Not having enjoyed the best of childhoods, it would have been easy for me to grow up either angry with or disbelieving in God. The gift of hindsight allows me to look back and recognize all the places and ways the Lord was with me, even in the darkest days. The graces He bestowed and continues to fill my heart with, even when I was too young to ask specifically for what I needed, is truly a gift. St. Agatha suffered greatly. She could have been mad or disbelieving in God; no one would have blamed her. Instead, sustaining grace flowed from her willingness to see the Lord at work in her life. Although sometimes we may be spared by divine intervention, there will eventually come a trial. As Lisa Hendey beautifully articulates in today's The Catholic Mom’s Desk Calendar reflection, “Today, I will patiently bear any trials that come my way, confident that God's love is with me always.” Amen. "First Mondays with Lisa" by Allison Gingras (CatholicMom.com) Background art courtesy of The Word Among Us Press. Used with permission.[/caption] How can you get one? Purchase this calendar through Word Among Us Press and receive 20% off the cover price! You'll see the promo code listed on the product page.   The Catholic Mom's Desk Calendar by Lisa Hendey   See our other First Mondays with Lisa articles.
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