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"Mary's vital role in the pro-life movement" by Kaitlyn Mason (CatholicMom.com) Copyright 2018 Kaitlyn Mason. All rights reserved.[/caption] As Catholics and Christians, we are not just pro-life. We cannot just be pro-life. To say we are such indicates that we are simply in favor of promoting life, that we “indicate favor for some party, system, or idea” (dictionary.com), in this case, that we indicate favor for life. We do not merely wish to promote life. No, our primary responsibility, the task we have been entrusted with as Christians, is to love every life. And if we’re going to do this effectively, if we’re truly going to love every single life, we absolutely cannot omit Mary from the equation. Mary is vital to creating a culture of life. Why? Because by God’s will, Mary was chosen to be the human source of the life that saved all of us, namely, Jesus Christ. Just as Mary was created perfectly and especially by God for the task of being the Mother of God, the Mother of Jesus, each mother who finds herself pregnant with a child was also created especially by God for the task of being the mother of that child. Mary became pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit. Each mother who finds herself pregnant today is pregnant because of the Holy Spirit, who is a life force. Furthermore, Mary said yes to her calling. Mary chose to accept God’s will in becoming a mother. Every mother who finds herself pregnant today is pregnant by the will of God. Every mother, every human person has free will to either accept or reject God’s will. In Mary, we find a woman who perfectly accepted His will. So, when families find themselves facing crisis situations, when news of a pregnancy comes as a shock or feels like a burden they cannot bear, when a pregnancy feels overwhelming, we must bring them to the beautiful model of motherhood we have in Mary. Are you afraid about your new role of being a mother? Look, this is your mother Mary, who Jesus gave to you from the Cross as your own mother. Did she have no fear when she stood at the foot of the Cross and watched her Son die there? Mary knows fear intimately, just like you, but she knows how to overcome it with God’s grace. This is exactly what Mary chose to do, she chose to cast aside fear and follow God’s will. She will show you how to do all things with God! Are you burdened by the news that you are now a mother? Keep going and persevere. When the angel Gabriel told Mary she was pregnant, she also found out that her cousin was pregnant and would soon be giving birth. Mary did not allow herself to feel burdened by news of her own pregnancy. Instead, she rushed off to serve her cousin in need. You can choose to see your pregnancy as a blessing and an opportunity, rather than as a burden. Mary will guide you along the path to serving Christ! Are you being threatened or pressured now that you are a mother? Things were definitely not all roses in Mary’s life when she found out she was going to have a child. In fact, in her situation, she could have been stoned to death if people found out she was pregnant. Then, once Mary gave birth to Jesus, she faced difficult trials once more because King Herod wanted to kill her baby. Mary knows what it feels like to face difficulties like the ones you are being asked to endure now. She will help you overcome them by leading you ever closer to her Son. We must encourage women to embrace their motherhood in the way that Mary embraced motherhood. For all women are called to some sort of spiritual or physical motherhood. If women could see the crown of life that is in store for each of us at the end of this life on earth for humbly serving and doing the will of God in our lives, we would all run to serve. Let us all look to the loving example of Mary. For Jesus, who perfectly carries out the will of His Father, has lovingly placed a crown upon her head. Jesus truly honors His Father in Heaven and His Mother Mary. So, with God, and by God’s will, Mary is absolutely vital to the pro-life, or the love every life movement.
Copyright 2018 Kaitlyn Mason