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"New from Catholic Singer/Songwriter Audrey Assad: Evergreen" by Barb Szyszkiewicz (CatholicMom.com) A new album from Catholic singer/songwriter Audrey Assad releases tomorrow, February 23. I've been listening to Evergreen for the past few weeks, and I'm convinced that its early-Lent timing is perfect. The proof is in the lyrics of each of the twelve tracks:
  • God on a cross—who would have thought it? ("Evergreen")
  • You’re my deliverer
    You won’t pass me by. ("Deliverer")
  • In the kingdom of the heavens no suffering is unknown
    Each tear that falls is holy, each breaking heart a throne
    There is a psalm of beauty in every weeping eye
    For there is One who knows me.
    His heart, it breaks with mine. ("Little Things with Great Love")
  • Sorrow may linger and last for the night but I am never alone. ("The Joy of the Lord")
  • Seek good, not evil
    Follow the Lord and live ("River")
  • How do I grieve what I can’t let go? ("Unfolding")
  • I feel so alone in the silence. ("Teresa")
  • All the way my Savior leads me
    To peace that is past understanding ("Irrational Season")
  • God of heaven in flesh and bone
    By your wounds we shall be healed ("Wounded Healer")
  • You have loved me well in a million ways
    But my wounds are all I know ("When I See You")
  • I will not gaze at glory but on my King of grace.
    Not at the crown He gives me
    but on His pierced hand ("Immanuel's Land")
  • After everything I’ve had
    After everything I’ve lost
    Lord, I know this much is true
    I’m still drawn to you. ("Drawn to You")
Evergreen is Audrey Assad's first full original album in four years; she's released other joint albums during that time, but I particularly enjoy her solo work. The heartache evident in this album is directly related to her faith journey. Assad commented,
Even in my mid-thirties now, after having been Catholic for ten years, the residue of fundamentalism remains. I live in a slow, constant process now of encountering the vestiges of fundamentalist thinking as they present themselves, assessing them, and putting them to the side if I am done with them.
The music on the album draws from a variety of styles, but every song features Audrey Assad's ethereal vocals, backed by simple instrumental arrangements that don't distract from the message of the song. It's hard to pick a favorite, but I particularly enjoyed "Deliverer," "The Joy of the Lord," and "Drawn to You."
Learn more at AudreyAssad.comFacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube.com. Here's a taste of this album -- the final track, "Drawn to You," co-written with Matt Maher. https://youtu.be/y6Yo_5KRQtI Evergreen is available for preorder on Amazon and iTunes.
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