"STYLE SAVVY" by Lisa Hess (CatholicMom.com) Photo by Miles Storey (2017) via Unsplash, CC0 Public Domain.[/caption]   I love my car, but I certainly don't show it. I take care of its basic (and I mean very basic) needs. Gas. Oil changes. Investigating that strange noise. But when it comes to taking care of its aesthetic and organizational needs, I'm a serious slacker. In fact, when it comes to keeping up with the interior, my car is my organizational Achilles' heel. We all have one -- that place we don't want anyone else to look. A deep drawer. A closet in a room that's off limits. Multiple junk drawers. Mine is my car. My primary styles are I need to see it/drop and run, but I also find myself drifting into I love to be busy on a fairly regular basis. This is not a good combination for a small space. While I have a system for keeping things together in my car, it's easily overwhelmed because the primary function of a vehicle is not to store stuff. When my daughter was small, I rationalized that my car was the Mommy-mobile, needing to be thoroughly outfitted for every possible eventuality but, these days, my daughter's car interior looks better than mine. Sigh. If admitting there's a problem is the first step, I'm there, but even the problem is multi-faceted. I not only need to rethink what goes in my car in the first place (and what has needed to come out for quite some time), I also need to think about taking care of the aesthetics of the vehicle in the first place. When a surface or a room in my house needs de-cluttering or re-vamping, I'm quick to come up with a plan, but except for the momentary groan I utter when I toss my school bag into the back seat, I don't give my car's interior more than a moment's consideration. So there you have it. I've identified the problem. I know why it exists and what I need to do. Join me next week for 3 keys to making it happen. How about you? What's your organizational Achilles' heel? Maybe we can apply the 3 keys together.
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