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"Re-awakening" by Lorrie Lane Dyer (CatholicMom.com) Pixabay (2010), CC0 Public Domain[/caption] After a few months of cold winds, snow, and occasionally ice, I eagerly await the first buds of my rose bushes to show themselves. I cannot wait to get outside to see what awaits me! I am never disappointed with what nature has in store for me. Spring is a time of new life and of re-awakening. It is the time I long to set aside my favorite books, clean out the fireplace, and head outside to discover all that nature has to share.


Spring offers each of us the opportunity to shed old skin and start anew. Spring is full of re-awakening. Life is springing forward, all around us! I love to see the grass turn green and buds sprouting everywhere. I also love to see the birds return. It is mesmerizing to watch them flitter around, gathering small pieces of grass, twigs and miscellaneous fuzz to created tiny, neat little nests. They too are preparing for what is to come! In nature, spring offers all the opportunity for renewal. Spring offers a re-awakening of all that was dormant. In our faith lives, Lent beckons us to reflect on our lives. It offers us the opportunity to repent. It is a time to reawaken all that has become dormant in our faith lives, including our desire to answer the call of Christ … to live in the light of Christ.


As I prune my rose bushes in preparation for them to sprout new life, I am reminded how I must take time to prune myself as well. I must let go of behaviors that prevent the best of me from coming forward. I must prune my branches, till the soil beneath my feet, remove the weeds, provide myself with rich nutrients and water. Everyone who goes out to the garden to tend to their roses and plants, knows these steps are important in order to provide the best chances for their roses and plants to grow. Time and life experiences have taught me; I must do this for myself as well. Spring and Easter go hand in hand. Each brings about a re-awakening. Winter may linger and try to hold on to the days with her cold winds and our hearts may be hardened by all we've endured -- but nature wins out, just as Christ does in his Resurrection. As we get closer to Easter, my heart is almost bursting with anticipation. Just as I eagerly wait for that first bud to sprout, I eagerly wait to celebrate Christ’s resurrection!
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