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"Living the Gospel of Mercy as Mothers" by Anne DeSantis (CatholicMom.com) Pixabay (2016), CC0 Public Domain[/caption]   Living Out Mercy in Our Days As Moms, mercy is our friend. We need God’s mercy to keep going and to keep giving love to our families every single day. I have learned this fact repeatedly especially being a mother in her fifties, with kids in college. Living out the mercy available to us from the Lord is a God-send on days when I am weak. God is always with us, but I think we all have times when we feel He is absent. A prayer asking for God's mercy in a time of need is so comforting. “Living it out” each day is a truth for Moms of all ages. Whether we have a small baby at home or if we are the Great-grandmother with grandkids of all ages, we are living out God's love. Recognizing His presence is a step in finding His Mercy. From the Holy Father Pope Francis
“The Gospel of mercy, to be proclaimed and written in our daily lives, seeks people with patient open hearts, 'Good Samaritans' who understand compassion and silence before the mystery of each brother and sister.” -Pope Francis
Let’s take this apart and learn from the Holy Father. Here are some steps to find more mercy each day:
  • Be aware. I think one key thing to be aware of is the “presence of God” in those moments of difficulty. When we are aware, we have the ability to open our eyes to God's love.
  • Be patient and open. As the Pope stated, “the Gospel of mercy … seeks people with patient and open hearts.” Patience is a necessary virtue for mothers. We can never get enough of it! The best way to obtain patience is first to recognize it is a virtue of our faith. All “good gifts” are from above. In order to obtain it, we need to ask the Lord. Keep your heart open as you lift a prayer for patience. Whether you’re dealing with a colicky baby, fighting siblings or the teen years, the open heart will help you to gain patience.
  • Be aGood Samaritan.” Remember this parable and keep it close to your heart and mind. The “Good Samaritan” helped the person in need without asking for anything back. As a mother, we must do the same. Being a Mom is not about getting the big “pat on the back” or the nice Facebook comment from our kids. It's about doing good without expecting anything in return. Our children are a gift. This will help us to keep giving love to them and to others.
  • Be understanding  and compassionate. Compassion is the key to unlocking mercy through the "Pascal Mystery of Christ." When we are compassionate mothers who give love with compassion, we are being merciful to our children. It is not always easy. But, just as with anything else, the tough things in life are the things that make a huge difference. Keep being compassionate and keep loving. This is mercy.
  • Recognize the mystery of each human person. When we recognize the mystery of each person, we can also recognize that same mystery in our kids. I think when moms put rubber stamps on the foreheads of our kids at an early age ... when we think we have figured them out ... we are wrong. All of us are a work in process. Our children are a work in process and so are we! Always keep this in mind.
  • Through it all ... pray! Mercy will come through prayer. Never give up! Every prayer is powerful, even if it's something quick. Being a mother is not always easy, but we know it’s so worth it.
I hope these points will help! Most of all, keep the presence of the Lord close to heart.
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