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"Power in my hands" (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of Rosary Evangelization Apostolate. All rights reserved. Used with permission.[/caption] With an enthusiastic endorsement from their episcopal and spiritual advisors, the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate has produced the film, Power In My Hands, that will unveil the beauty and power of the Rosary in response to the prevailing spiritual crisis in our culture in America and beyond. This film is a story of hope and the power of prayer. The Rosary Evangelization Apostolate, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded January 31, 2003 by Dick and Terry Boldin and Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who served as Episcopal Advisor until the spring of 2009 when he was installed as Archbishop of New York; he now continues as Honorary Episcopal Advisor. We are blessed to have Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee as the Episcopal Advisor since he came to Milwaukee in 2010. Spiritual Advisors are Bishop Donald Hying of Gary, Indiana, and Fr. James Kubicki SJ. The purpose of the Apostolate is to help bring the faithful to encounter Jesus Christ through Our Lady and her Rosary.  The Apostolate is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and its work extends across the country. Recently, the Apostolate organized both the 2014 and 2015 National 54-Day Rosary Novenas and assisted the Bishops of Wisconsin in the historic Entrustment of the Faithful of Wisconsin to Mary, Mother of Mercy in October of 2016. Where did the idea for such a project come from? Throughout history, the Catholic Church has called on the faithful and humanity to turn to Our Lady and her Rosary in response to prevalent great needs and amid spiritual crisis.  In modern times, this has been seen from the pleas of the Popes from St. John Paul II to Pope Benedict XVI to Pope Francis. And Our Lady herself has called upon humanity to turn to Jesus through the rosary in various approved apparitions. We have only to look at the messages given at Fatima, Akita in Japan, Kibeho in Africa, and San Nicholas in Argentina (approved by the Church in 2016). The Rosary Evangelization Apostolate is merely responding to these pleas and to the self-evident condition in our culture. We need Our Lady’s help. We need a mother’s care. We need to respond. Watch the full trailer for this movie: Background for the story development
  • America is in spiritual crisis but we have the solution which is Jesus Christ through Our Lady and her Rosary. The film will be positive, hopeful, passionate & creative to bring the message across in an artistic manner.
  • The goal is to lead the viewer to be open and receptive to “gaze on the Face of Jesus with Mary” by praying the Rosary to help bring about a spiritual transformation in America and beyond.
  • The film will be captivating and engaging to inspire the viewer to respond.
  • This 80 minute film & trailer will provide a message of hope.
  • The film to represent the various ethnic cultures, i.e the faces of America.
  • The rosary is all about encountering Jesus Christ.
  • The simple and yet profound power of the Rosary for the family and peace.
When will the film be available? The film Power in My Hands, produced by the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate, is being launched at the World Premiere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on April 12, 2018. Where will this new Rosary film be shown and distributed? Across America and beyond with regional theatre premiere showings from April through August of 2018. Additional showings will be available upon request for dioceses, parishes, schools, organizations, apostolates and others. After the premieres, DVD distribution takes place across the country and beyond. Who is in the film? An outstanding cast which features the following:
  • Nationally known Catholic evangelists such as Jeff Cavins; Doug Barry; Fr. Donald Calloway; Kelly Walhquist, Founder and Director of Women for the New Evangelization in Minneapolis; Sr. Mary Samuel, cofounder of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in Michigan; Lydia LoCoco; Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers from Portland, Oregon; Bishop Oliver Doeme from Nigeria; and Archbishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • The cast is graced with Deacon Henry Reyes; Nancy Salerno and family from Kenosha, Wisconsin; and Rebecca Rouboin, a young Catholic recording artist from Nashville who has a deep personal devotion to the Rosary which will resonate with young adults.
  • This film is further graced with an appearance by Philip Rivers of the Los Angeles Chargers.
Tell us a little about this 80-minute film. In this film, prominent Catholics and others will teach us about the beauty and power of the Rosary but also share their personal witness to the power of praying it regularly. Additionally, the film will feature unique stories of ordinary families or individuals from across the country, which will allow us to see how the Blessed Mother has played a beautiful and providential role in their lives.
  • We’ll hear from the Nancy Salerno, a wife and mother in Wisconsin, who has raised four children, one of whom is severely disabled, and how our Lady has carried her through the many ups and downs of raising a special-needs child.
  • You’ll see the beautiful courtship of two young Catholics from Nashville – recording artist Rebecca Rouboin and Chris Czarka – who pray the rosary regularly together and ask for graces on their lives, a witness so needed for our young people today.
  • Catholic evangelist, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, gives a beautiful witness to being raised fatherless, and tells how, miraculously, his father was moved in a radical conversion toward our Lady and the Church.
Tell us a little about the film company. We have an outstanding production company. Backflip Films, based in Madison, Wisconsin, has been commissioned by the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate to produce this film with the hope that this film will inspire millions of people to commit themselves to the Rosary, in response to the spiritual crisis in our culture, country, and in our world. With 25 years of experience in marketing communication, Margie Mandli of Gem Communications & Consulting is the film’s Executive Producer. Margie is very active within the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and has the endorsement of the Most Rev. Jerome Listecki, Archbishop of Milwaukee. Archbishop Listecki, as Episcopal Advisor, is actively involved in the production and review process of this film. The Film Team’s vision is for the film to be visually compelling, with original music score, and with a modern but truthful message about this holy devotion, the Rosary! We believe that through this film, more souls can be reached … more souls will come to know Our Lady and her powerful intercession, and encounter Jesus Christ. What is the cast saying about this film? 
Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers
This film will provide encouragement, hope, and a much needed spiritual boost for families around the world ... The line-up of people scheduled to be part of this project is amazing! I know that the Lord and His Mother will be pleased with the final product. Thanks again for all you do for the Church through the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate. Please be assured of my continued prayers and support. God bless!
 Jeff Cavins

I think America needs this right now. Mothers need it. Fathers need it. The family needs it. ... I don't know of a time in our history where we have needed the rosary more than right now. Because what the rosary does, as St. John Paul II says, it beats the rhythm of human life.

Philip Rivers
On the football field I have power, mainly because the ball is in my hands every single play. But it is in largely how useful that power is depends on my preparation, my decision-making, where I decide to throw it, all of those things. With the Rosary, the power in my hands is a lot less dependent on me. Just by being obedient and praying the Rosary, I am giving the power to God almighty, and our Blessed Mother as the greatest intercessor there is, to then use her power, their power to shed graces, pour graces on us and on the whole world.
Kelly Walhquist
“To pray the rosary as a family, powerful, powerful.  And not so much just what our prayers can do and the graces from those prayers, but look what it did for my family.” How is this project affecting your faith?
Dick Boldin
Working on this film project has truly helped me to encounter Christ deeper and to a greater sense that there is hope amidst the spiritual crisis of this age. This has brought me to an ever greater realization of the need to bring Christ to others in this age when there are little signs of hope, mercy, compassion and love for the dignity of the human person. Individuals and families, regardless of their station in life have a spiritual hunger which needs to be filled with the love of Christ through Our Lady. We need to bring hope to others and that is the core message for the film Power In My Hands.

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