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"Motherhood is beautiful" by Cassie Everts (CatholicMom.com) Photo by Jon Flobrant via Unsplash (2011), CC0 Public domain[/caption] This is a follow-up to my post from a few months back: Motherhood is Messy. I realize it could have come across sounding negative -- which was not my intention, but rather to build solidarity as we share in the hard days, the daily grind of it all. Yes, being a mom is difficult at times, exhausting, and messy. It requires giving of ourselves completely at all hours of the day and night, but I wouldn’t trade it for a thing. In a society where the focus is about rising to the top, having more and instant gratification it should not be surprising that motherhood is often looked down upon. It's often seen as an option for those who can’t make it, aren’t motivated or don’t have the intellectual ability to thrive in corporate America -- all the more if you are populating more than the quota amount of offspring. I sometimes feel that writing “mom” on the occupation line of a form is not good enough, or I blush and stumble over my words when I am asked what my career is. The responses that follow can often make you feel like crawling in a hole. The truth is they are missing what we are seeing. Our children are a gift, all of them. Souls entrusted to our care with a great responsibility to someday return them to God. Lives on loan to us to love, care for, mold and shape. They may write off mothers as weak, but what they don’t realize is we are the game-changers. It is mothers who have the greatest power and influence to change the culture because we are raising the next generation: the next leaders, teachers, priests, politicians, police officers, CEOs, and missionaries. Motherhood is beautiful. The moments of wasting time reading and playing with our children, allowing the to-do list to be put on hold. Rocking the baby to sleep and just sitting there a bit longer to breath in the smell and kiss the soft cheeks just a few more times. Having a dance party in the dining room as your older children act like they are embarrassed as their mother spins them in circles. The kids asking to have a sleepover on your bedroom floor just so they can be closer to you and in your presence a little longer. Smiles beaming on their faces when they accomplish something new or finally hit the ball. The joy and sparkle in your children's eyes as they make a wish and blow out their birthday candles. The older boys sneaking in your room and quietly getting the baby out of his crib in the morning so mom can sleep a little longer. Watching the toddler mimic every single action in hopes of someday being just like you. Being knocked over by ginormous bear hugs when you pick them up from school. Knowing you are the only one that can calm the toddler down in the middle of the night. These moments are indeed beautiful and what a treasure that we are right in the middle of it. The pearls that the world does not see and chooses to write off as an inconvenience are the most prized possessions, richer than gold; finer than silver. Truly, it's a blessing to be called a mother. Perhaps next time when I am asked what my occupation is I will respond with a bit more gusto. My career is the most important in the world. I am a mom and it is amazingly beautiful! As we celebrate Mother's Day this month, reflect and share some of the beautiful moments in your motherhood. The ones that make your heart soar and smile. The memories you want to hold on to so tightly and have etched on your heart forever.
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