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"Snakes and spectators" by Jason Weirich (CatholicMom.com) Pixabay (2012), CC0 Public Domain[/caption]   Everyone has experienced driving on the road and seeing roadkill. A few days ago, I witnessed a long and skinny black snake that had been run over in front of our house. We pulled into the driveway and our daughter and I observed the snake from our front yard. As we looked to determine that the snake was indeed dead, at least 10 cars passed by. Each driver saw the snake and drove around it. I am not sure if this was a concern for Earth’s creatures or the fact that they were afraid of messing up their suspension by hitting the snake. I am not downplaying how we treat nature, but I believe a very valuable lesson can be learned from observing this dead snake. People are willing to take small steps to value life, but the bigger steps scare us. It is much easier to respect a dead snake (or possibly dead animal) on the road than to respect the life that God has placed in front of us. Why is this? Because we fear this word: VULNERABILITY. The word VULNERABILITY often makes people cringe. We remember that time we were ourselves and we wanted to be known or get to know others. And we failed. Or they failed us. Again, it is easier to be a spectator and watch from afar instead of getting messy. God has called us to be vulnerable people who are transformed by Him and, as a result, we are able to guide others to transformation.   If we are going to find life and really live in and for God, then perhaps we should start with the following:
  • Know your story and understand its impact on your life. What significant events (positive and negative) happened to you that shaped who you are?  
  • Seek wisdom from God. If you are going to find life again, we need His help and others who are walking with Him. Who can you reach out to at church? Is there a particular friend that can walk alongside of you?  
  • Establish boundaries. When we speak of vulnerability, this DOES NOT equate to you putting all of yourself out there for everyone to see on social media and the like. Proverbs instructs us to guard the heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Establish boundaries in what you will share with others.
  • Assist others with their journey. The Christian life is anything but a life of isolation. You are needed to help others in their journey. Think of a few people in your life. Right now, who needs your help?
Don’t be a spectator and watch life breeze by. Get involved!
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