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tech talk redesign While summer does not officially begin for another week, most families are well into their summer break. My own kids are thrilled to be done with another school year. They worked hard for the past nine months and now rejoice in a few months off. They are happy to trade in their school uniforms for shorts and T-shirts. They are grateful for not having to wake up at the crack of dawn. And homework? I have promised not to mention that word for the next 75 days. While the summer season may be more relaxed with fewer structured routines, it is important that we don’t lose all the structure. One area in which we don’t want to get too lax is our faith. One solution for this is CatholicBrain.com. This fun, interactive website encourages kids to keep praying and keep studying their Catholic faith, during the summer months. From June 18-August 10, CatholicBrain's Summer Catechism Study Program will offer 38 catechism lessons for students in PreK-8th grade. In just eight weeks, kids can learn the entire catechism through video lessons, games, and quizzes. They can earn points and badges, and the top 10 students with the highest points can earn prizes, such as a Biblezon Catholic tablet. Courtesy of CatholicBrain.com. All rights reserved.[/caption] This summer series is in line with the overall mission of CatholicBrain, which was created for year-round classroom or home use. Their regular programming also includes interactive activities, games, videos, songs, lessons, and quizzes. Games include word searches, matching, and memory exercises. Lessons and quizzes are set up by category, such as liturgical seasons, sacraments, commandments, feast days, and prayers. And videos feature episodes from the beloved Brother Francis and CCC of America series. In addition, CatholicBrain features an daily interactive calendar that includes the day’s Mass readings, saint of the day, and a quiz. This is one of my favorite features, as it makes it easy for families to pray together with the entire Universal Church. The Summer Catechism Study Program is part of CatholicBrain’s monthly subscription program, which includes pricing for families, classrooms, and parishes or schools. As I plan my family’s summer schedule, I like that CatholicBrain is a website I can trust when my kids ask for screen time. They can play games and watch videos, and I am assured that they are interacting with quality, trustworthy programming. Plus, they are learning about the Catholic faith while having fun. To learn more about CatholicBrain and its Summer Catechism Study Program, please visit CatholicBrain.com.

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