"Praying Twice" (CatholicMom.com) Image copyright 2018 Barb Szyszkiewicz. All rights reserved.[/caption] Every Tuesday I go to church for the Eucharist to bring to my homebound friend; I’ve been doing this for eight years. Our parish has Adoration on Tuesdays with the beautiful monstrance displaying the Body and Blood of Christ on the altar for all to see. Often I have longed to stay at the church and pray in front of that monstrance but I have to go and see my friend. It finally occurred to me that I could take a few moments to offer my prayers to the Host in my hand. So I sit in the sacristy with the Host and sing this song of adoration by Michael John Poirier. It prepares my heart for the privilege given to me by God of bringing His only Son, our Savior, to my friend. Consider this as you listen:
  1. How can you prepare your heart to receive Jesus at Communion? What prayer can you say?
  2. Reflect on the Lamb of God and the mercy He bestows on us: how has God been merciful to you this day?
  3. As you listen to this prayer of adoration, what blessing are you thankful for?

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