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"Catholic Vitamin A: Actress" by Deacon Tom Fox (CatholicMom.com) Courtesy of Nicole Abasinio. All rights reserved. Used with permission.[/caption] What? Say again? What kind of a vitamin is ‘Actress?’ Well — let me start closer to the beginning and then bring this into focus. Back about the year 2005, my wife and I discovered Catholics who were on fire for their Faith - and they were doing something sort of new called Podcasting. There was a couple (Greg and Jennifer) who had a podcast devoted to promoting the Rosary and living life as if the Rosary really meant something. There were the down-to-earth (nerdy?) folks who were Catholic In A Small Town (Mac and Catherine). And surprisingly, there was a midwest Catholic doctor (Paul Camarata) who helped bring us on-site word images shared on the Saintcast. And some of these folks were involved in a loose confederation called SQPN — the Star Quest Production Network. Were any of you around back then? Were you listening to those ‘pioneers’? We were sort of groupies back then. Groupies enough that we attended the San Antonio Catholic New Media Conference (CNMC) in 2009. And we were joyous in meeting some of the stars. We baby sat the Baron’s young child a bit that weekend. And we felt truly connected to a group of Catholics who loved sharing happiness in faith with us and others. As we drove the long way home, dear wife Dee snoozed as I thought about podcasting. I had written some columns here and there on the web. Lisa Hendey had been so kind as to invite me to contribute audio reflections regularly for her then weekly Catholic Moments Podcast. But what would we podcast about? Just before the CNMC, I had been on retreat at Franciscan University and met a new priest: Father Mark Rutherford had been ordained on the previous Friday. And the following Monday he was on retreat at Franciscan. He shared about how he had been living a sinful life as a teenager until he was forced - yes, forced on a bus and sent him to a Franciscan summer youth conference. Father Mark had a powerful, life-changing experience when he followed other young people into Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. It was the beginning of his journey to the priesthood. And I met him 60-some hours after his ordination! Adoration … podcasting … what could we do? We could share a ‘faith vitamin.’ Vitamin A for Adoration. Excitedly, I woke Dee and suggested this idea? Her reply: “What could we talk about? What else could we do?” “Let’s see … Vitamin B could be Beauty in the Church (although I had no idea who or what we’d do to bring that to the podcast digital airwaves …).” Vitamin C could be for Conversion. And at that I was out of ideas. But we started the Catholic Vitamins Podcast. Okay -- somehow, we’ve worked our way through 14 iterations of the alphabet … and we are entering our 9th year. Some of the so-called faith vitamins have been a significant stretch. In the past, we’ve had bishops, priests, deacons, nuns, authors, evangelists, singers, musicians. Oh, and interviews from down the pew. These are folks that have stories right around us. Or perhaps in your parish. And every time, we’ve had to come up with a ‘vitamin.’ And so — for the episode to be published in these hours, we enter the 9th year and with a new Vitamin A: ACTRESS. What is that about? It’s about a very beautiful, successful movie actress and producer. Her name is Nicole Abisinio. Nicole started her business career right after college by doing investment management (hedge funds and private equity funding) while also acting in movies. She’s that lovely. She’s that driven. She became successful in both of these. And she’s acted in and produced some movies with actors such as Terence Howard, Samuel L. Jackson and Holly Hunter. And then … and then while Nicole was standing on the red carpet for a premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, she suddenly realized something was missing from her photo ops.  In the midst of following her worldly dreams to be a successful actress and producer, she had left Jesus in the rear-view mirror. And in that instant -- just like the instant meeting that teenager Mark Rutherford had at Adoration, Nicole Abisinio’s life began a dramatic change. And she tells all about it on this newest episode of Catholic Vitamins. Vitamin A for Actress. Spoiler alert: After making thrillers, action films and art-house features, Nicole has moved her drive and passion over to making family features. He current company Gabriel's Messenger Films makes inspiring true stories for worldwide distribution. And now you know why our newest Vitamin is A for Actress. If you’ve been an actress in an earlier part of your life. If you haven’t come to know Jesus and He’s been in your rear-view mirror. He’s waiting to sweep you off the stage you’ve been on … and into an exciting new life of joy. Consider it. In the words of the most popular ever Christian praise song: “I Can Only Imagine.”

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Copyright 2018 Deacon Tom Fox. All rights reserved.[/caption]
Copyright 2018 Deacon Tom Fox